Friday, May 8, 2009

Fair Trade Festival at Rainbow Blossom

Rainbow Blossom (on Lexington Rd.) is hosting an event Saturday, May 9th, to bring to light the need for fair trade and we are glad to be a small part of this festival. Fair Trade is a simple concept of providing reasonable wages to growers and trade's people for their goods and services. Some local businesses that support the initiatives of fair trade will be represented. Heine Bros., Rainbow Blossom, Coco's Chocolate Café and several others will have booths to showcase some of the things we make using fair trade items. Come out and I'm sure you'll see why it's better to buy local.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Derby is finally here! The weather is always a joker when it comes to getting out and watching the races. The horses and mint juleps are what people crave this time of year. Fine chocolate is also popular not just in winter but all year. At Coco's, we have everything from our Drinking Chocolate to Ice Creams. Back this year, Vanilla Affogatos (chilled espresso served with our homemade vanilla ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream and chocolate shakes). This is served in a martini glass to accommodate a rather large drink/dessert. Enjoy the Derby and stop by afterwards for something cool and chocolatey while you're here.