Saturday, July 26, 2008

Coco's in Tinyville

You know there are times when you are just stunned by someone's creativity. A customer and friend of mine, Chris Tandy, has this amazing layout (that's a train set to you and me). I feel an immense sense of pride to know that he would go so far as to include my business in his little town. This layout is massive and complex and mindboggling in it's tiny details. You could spend days looking at all the little thingys that Chris and his co-horts have built. My son and I went on a recent visit to see this edifice in miniature...well what can you say when you see's breathtaking!

To my amazement, Chris has included a Coco's billboard in his newest section of Tinyville where I presume we will serve itty-bitty morsels of chocolate and coffee...I don't think they make molds that small, do they?